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Alaska Native Peoples of Nome

Welcome to Nome Eskimo Community (NEC)

The Alaska Native Peoples of the Nome area have lived on the Seward Peninsula since time immemorial. Our unique cultures and languages have experienced considerable changes, but continue to thrive and develop today in the community of Nome, Alaska.

Representing the Native population in Nome, Nome Eskimo Community’s 2900+ members reflects the many heritages of the surrounding region. Among our member rolls are Central Yupik, Inupiaq, St. Lawrence Island Yupik and American Indians whose lineage is tied to Tribes in the Lower 48.

For nearly 70 years, NEC has represented the political, social, and cultural interests of Native peoples in the community of Nome and the Bering Straits region. While our mission and scope has evolved over the decades, our commitment to serving our members and community has remained steadfast.

Nome Eskimo Community Strategic Plan NEW! Once again, Nome Eskimo Community is offering to the Elder's (65+) who reside in Nome service area if you need help filing your 2016 taxes. You can either sign up at XYZ senior center if you are down there having lunch or call Nome Eskimo Community Tribal Service Staff at 443-2246 and ask for either Toni Smith or Dawn Warnke.

NEW! 2017 March Challenge Life Basketball Camp is coming! Registration is open now and closes March 3rd at 5PM.
The Challenge Life Basketball Camp is March 13-17, 2017! There is a $25 registration fee. (Download flyer, Download Application.)

NEC Housing rental Assistance for low income members!
(download Pre-TBRA Application)

NEC Election Results!
The 2016 Nome Eskimo Community Annual Election results are:
1. Shane Smithhisler
2. Kevin Bahnke
3. Alfred Sahlin
4. Thomas Okleaskik
5. Louie Green Jr.

Enroll Your Child in Pre-School today! (download NEC Preschool Voucher Application)

Foster Parenting PSA (link to PSA video)

FY 2017-2019 CCDF Plan (See Plan Document)

NEC's Public Transportation Service - See Route Schedules (See Route Maps & Schedules)

Jobs: Active Recruitment at NEC
Hospital Transit Coordinator
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More from NEC:
Hospital NEW! Nome Eskimo Community Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020

Multi-Media Campaign
(see announcement)

  Tribal Council  
Shane Smithhisler, President
Tiffany Martinson, Vice President
Mathew Michels, Sec/Treasurer
Jason Omedelina, Member
Janice Doherty, Member
Sharon Sparks, Member
Kevin Bahnke, Member

Nome Eskimo Community

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