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Alaska Native Peoples of Nome



Tribal Services goal is to ensure that tribal members have their essential needs met and are trained, job ready and qualified for employment. Tribal Services provides a broad spectrum of services and opportunities to achieve this goal. These services include:

Higher Education provides scholarship funds to NEC member students who pursue post-secondary education by enrollment in an Associates, Bachelors or Masters Degree program. Masters Degree awards are based on availability of funds. For more information, or to submit a scholarship application, contact

General (Welfare) Assistance provides temporary financial assistance to meet the essential basic needs of eligible Alaska native and American Indian residents of the Nome service area. Alaska natives enrolled to Council, King Island, and Solomon receive services from Kawerak, Inc.

Direct Employment Assistance is available to eligible applicants who require financial assistance for transitional needs to secure and/or retain employment.

Burial Assistance: The deceased must have resided in the Nome Service Area for the last 6 month of his/her life.

Vocational Training is available for eligible applicants who pursue job skills necessary to obtain and/or retain employment.

Higher Education Scholarship Deadlines

1st Time Application (click to view/download application)

High School seniors: April 15th

Continuing Student
Fall Semester/Autumn Quarter:                                 July 1st
Spring Semester/ Winter quarter:                             December 1

Spring quarter:                                                               February 15
Summer term:                                                                May 1

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The program's purpose is to increase and enhance activities which will promote education, culture and healthy lifestyles for Alaska Native and tribally-enrolled children and their families. Nome Eskimo Community’s programs include:

Educational Services

Through a Alaska Native Education (ANE) grant from the Department of Education, NEC is working to improve science and math scores for at-risk 7th-9th grade students, increase cultural connections in the curriculum, and create more opportunities for students to access dual credit classes through the University of Alaska– Northwest Campus.  Nome Eskimo Community staff add additional community connections for classroom teachers, support families, and provide access to summer school, enrichment activities, cultural education and drop-out prevention

Other NEC education programs include:  Guys Read, Summer Teen Reading program, Subsistence Science Xplorers and the LEGO Robotics Club.

Sports & Recreation

NEC sponsors After School Activities at the Nome Recreation Center for children in grades K-8th.  These programs include soccer, volleyball, team handball, rock climbing, dance and wiffle ball.

Since 2005 NEC has partnered with the Challenge Life Youth Foundation based out of Fairbanks to provide the Iditarod Basketball Clinic and the Triple Threat Basketball Camp for youth in grades 3rd-12th every August.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities are provided throughout the year to instill traditional values in youth.  Each summer the Outdoors Club follows the summer subsistence calendar that includes greens picking, fishing, and preserving native foods.  The Xplorers Club is using math & science skills to learn about Reindeer herding and husbandry.  Through our partnership with Nome Public Schools, NEC provides leadership to the Nome Native Youth Leadership Organization (NNYLO).

Juvenile Justice & Prevention Efforts

 Through funding from the Department of Justice, NEC is working with youth and families to help prevent delinquent behavior and to work with youth in the juvenile justice system.  Through many of NEC’s programs, youth are encourage to make good choices regarding alcohol, drugs and peer pressure.

Through NEC’s Bureau of Justice grant award, NEC is working to address underage drinking through its campaign, #mychoicemyfuture.

Family Support

In addition to youth activities, NEC works to promote healthy families with an array of services, such as:

Preschool Scholarships are available to NEC tribal member children enrolled in the Nome Pre-School. Applications are available through Nome Preschool and Nome Eskimo Community.

NEC’s First Teacher bags promote early literacy.  Each bag is set up for parents, grandparents and child care givers to provide early literacy education to children because they are children’s First Teachers.  Bags may be checked out at the Kegoayah Kozga Library or at the NEC Youth Services offices.


The Nome Recreation Center, Nome Community Center, the Kegoayah Kozga Library, Norton Sound Health Corporation CAMP Department and Nome Public Schools are a just a few of our local partners, and work on many family events like Family Fun Nights.

For more information about NEC's Youth Services, please call 907-443-2246.


The Nome Eskimo Community Tribal Resource Program was created to increase NEC’s administrative capacity to start, operate and manage tribal environmental programs.

The NEC Tribal Resources Program studies water, land, air and habitat resources, and establishes partnerships with agencies to address climate change and its effects on Nome area subsistence resources. In addition, the program collects data for the NEC Tribal Council to make proactive decisions, and on the implementation of future projects that impact the environment. The program is funded by an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Indian Governmental Assistance Program (IGAP) grant.


Nome Eskimo Community's Housing Program (NEC Housing) is utilizing Federal dollars from U.S. Housing & Urban Development for our Home Renovation Services.


Family Services intervenes on behalf of member children who are taken into protective custody by the State of Alaska when reports of harm are received. We strive to promote stability, security and wellness of member families. Additionally, the program coordinates services and activities that sustain the betterment of children and families which include: Intervention and prevention measures, family support, family related financial, educational and training services. Read more.

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