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Nome Eskimo Community Strategic Plan 2009-2013

Mission Statement:
Nome Eskimo Community is a federally recognized tribal government improving the quality of life of those we serve.
Vision Statement:
Nome Eskimo Community will be a proud, active, functional, and leading tribal government that provides a broad spectrum of services that benefit the community.

Goal #1
Strengthening Nome Eskimo Community’s capacity and governance to sustain and grow our Tribal organization for maintaining successful self-governance.

Objective 1 – Develop Tribal Governance
Transform Nome Eskimo Community into a proactive, modern, transparent, and efficient government by implementing new ordinances, policies, and systematic training for tribal leadership.


  • Update policies, ordinances, bylaws, and family codes.

Objective 2 – Develop Services

Expand tribal housing, economic development, and program services with the acquisition of new properties and facilities.


  • Dispose of Freezer Plant Building 12/08
  • Acquire a new Tribal Hall
  • Acquire new program offices
  • Acquire a Tribal Court room
  • Purchase Native Allotments

Goal #2

Creating economic opportunities and strengthening program services that will enhance the quality of life and install pride, self-confidence, and sense of personal well-being.

Objective 1 – Develop Community Health and Wellness Services
Create a community based, regional in-patient services program to address subsistence abuse, homelessness, and legal issues to promote a healthy Native community.


  • Create a substance abuse court
  • Promote an active and healthy community
  • Start an inpatient treatment center

Objective 2 – Expand Family Services

Promote healthy families by addressing local issues developing and coordinating community partnerships and services to expand Family Services.


  • Create or update a resource list in partnership with others 12/08
  • Work on prevention as well as support services
  • Prevent teen pregnancy
  • Domestic violence clinic – legal advocacy services
  • Youth videos
  • Single parent network/childcare
  • Role models

Objective 3 – Promote Youth Development and Education

Promote the incorporation of Native knowledge, culture, and language into regional pre-K to PhD education systems to increase youth development and education.


  • Invite Tribal Youth Council to give updates at the Council meetings.
  • Two Eskimo Boys Project. SNC 2008
  • Start a Nome chapter of the Alaska Native Young Professionals.
  • Gather input from graduates (such as surveys, interviews, focus groups).
  • Instill pride – and being from Nome ("got seal oil?" t-shirts).
  • Have college students share information with younger kids
  • Alum Chum (modeled after a college program)
  • Holiday break gatherings idea, similar to what happens in some villages
  • Provide internship opportunities
  • Bring kid to work day/job shadowing
  • Younger youth volunteer to promote health/wellness – give them more control
  • Use the Spirit of Youth nomination and award program
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Look at past youth assessments and work to implement ideas of youth
  • Work with college on creating a Tribal Youth Leadership class
  • Expand ANCSA curriculum at Nome Public Schools. Include the differences between tribes, villages, and regional corporations
  • Encourage youth to know their tribe

Objective 4 – Develop Community Housing and Infrastructure

Develop and expand existing housing services to all tribal members to increase the number of safe, affordable, and energy efficient housing units.


  • Modify and update the Indian Housing Plan 2/09 – Annually
  • Develop rental assistance program
  • Develop elder housing
  • Address high housing energy/fuel costs, providing housing for all types of families (low-income, middle income, homeless)
  • Help with renewable energy for office buildings and homes

Objective 5 – Promote Employment and Training

Create a coordinated services system to promote, track and assess educational, employment and training opportunities for tribal membership.


  • Research the need and feasibility for a force account housing and construction work crew
  • Career fair for school, businesses and tribal services (include adults)
  • Partner with other organizations
  • Model and highlight services
  • Plan wrap around services

Objective 6 – Promote a Healthy Environment

Promote a healthy regional environment with community entities to increase community sustainability and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.


  • Develop alternative energy resources
  • Expand the cleanup activities or window opportunity to deliver items to the landfill
  • Work closely with landowners on clean-up activities
  • Explore the idea of distributing recycling bins and other community partnering activities

Goal #3

Promote an organization that incorporates our cultural values to maintain and strengthen our identity as a tribe.

Objective 1 – Promote community cohesiveness within the tribal membership
Increase tribal membership knowledge, participation, and communication within the community to promote interaction, involvement, and pride.


  • Update tribal membership enrollment Continuous
  • Raffle guns, sewing machines, tickets
  • Invite members to serve on committees
  • Volunteer to help with social functions, programs/activities
  • Newsletter to recognize volunteers, thank people, advertise candidates and other purposes
  • Think about building stronger relationships with members who don’t currently receive services (other ways to connect with NEC or to participate)
  • Have an Open House 5/08
  • Turn annual meeting into recognizing individual or fundraising for someone who is in a difficult situation, Potluck/annual meeting
  • Increase family involvement by attending youth activities and asking them to help
  • Each person invites 5 others to functions
  • Create website 11/08
  • Encourage members to vote
  • Involve past Council members

Objective 2 – Promotion and integration of NEC’s Cultures
Identify the tribes’ historical, educational, and language resources to promote and incorporate our culture into our community.


  • Develop a cultural resource management plan (like Eskimo Heritage Program)
  • Purchase, regain and retain ownership of artifacts
  • Complete Army mitigation project
  • Collect old photos, identify those in the pictures and scan the photos
  • Identify speakers of language
  • Fund a bilingual teacher
  • Use the bilingual tapes and books created in the 1980’s
  • Registry of Eskimo names given at birth (add to enrollment process maybe?)
  • Have more Native food potlucks and share subsistence food (start a list of who could benefit)
  • Learn to use existing resources
  • Have youth identify family history or get oral stories
  • Preserve organizational history and culture since 1930
  • Create interpretive signs
  • Two Eskimo Boys statue Sitnasuak Native Corp., 2008
  • Invite elders for story-telling or game night
  • Collaborate with Kawerak
  • Collaborate with the National Park Service
  • Adopt the Park Service monthly meeting idea for cultural education that is available to the public
  • Collaborate with the churches

NEC 2009-2013 Strategic Plan Priority List

1. Address high housing energy/fuel costs.
2. Research and/or collaborate to develop alternative energy resources.
3. Help with renewable energy for office buildings and homes.
4. Provide housing opportunities to all members.
5. Research and/or collaborate to provide a homeless shelter.
6. Research and/or collaborate to provide an inpatient substance abuse treatment center.
7. Acquire a new tribal office building/hall/tribal court.
8. Research feasibility to provide internship opportunities.
9. Expand ANCSA curriculum at NPS. Including the difference between tribes, villages, and regional corporations.
10. Develop the Two Eskimo Boys Project (finalized and completed)

Nome Eskimo Community Strategic Plan 2009-2013

Approved October 14, 2008
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