Native Peoples of Nome and the Bering Strait Nome Eskimo Community, Alaska
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Improving the quality of life for those we serve.

Alaska Native Peoples of Nome

Who We Are

As an organization, Nome Eskimo Community’s origin dates back to 1939 when it was formed under the Indian Reorganization Act as a federally recognized Tribe. NEC’s members, however, have roots in the region that extend back over a millennium.

Initially, NEC operated in a political manner, functioning as the Tribal governing body for the area. As we have grown, our focus has expanded to provide social services and programs to improve the quality of life for our Tribal members, Alaska Natives and Native Americans who reside in Nome.

NEC now offers a multitude of services organized under the following service programs: Family Services, Tribal Services, Youth Services, Tribal Resources and Housing Program. Learn more about these programs and their specific offerings.

One Organization, Many Communities

As NEC grows, so does our role in the community. While maintaining and expanding our services to tribal members, NEC is also branching out through partnerships with other organizations. These collaborative efforts benefit both our membership and the community as a whole.

NEC partnerships with organizations such as the Nome Recreation Center, Nome Community Center, Nome Public Schools, Kawerak, Inc., Nome Youth Facility, Norton Sound Health Corporation, has broadened our reach into the community and provided positive activities for our youth. With our partners, we have organized basketball camps, cultural outings, summer camps and after school study programs for those attending K-12th grades. NEC is also working with the local school district to establish a program to provide culturally based education.

NEC’s Tribal Transportation Program and newly formed Tribal Environmental Program also serve the community as a whole, helping to safeguard the resources on which we all depend.

As NEC looks to the future, we will strive to continue to improve the community's well being, while honoring and preserving the rich cultural heritages of the area’s Native peoples.

About Us

Facts At A Glance

Established: 1939

Enrollment: 2,900+ members

What we represent: The political, social, and cultural interests of Native peoples in the community of Nome and the Bering Straits region

Service programs: Family Services, Tribal Services, Tribal Youth, Tribal Resources (Environmental Activities), and the Housing Program

Mission Statement: Nome Eskimo Community is a federally recognized tribal government improving the quality of life of those we serve.

Vision Statement: Nome Eskimo Community will be a proud, active, functional, and leading tribal government that provides a broad spectrum of services that benefit our tribal members and community.

Nome Eskimo Community | Phone 907.443.2246