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Tribal Youth Projects

On this page you to get more information about our youth programs and activities. It connects us to you and it seeks to give you a voice. Our projects are about your education, your culture, and your life. Bookmark this page and come back regularly as we continue to change and update content.

Get Involved
Our youth programs — everything from learning new skills at Triple Threat Basketball Camp, improving your grades through the tutoring program, challenging yourself at Cultural Camp in the summer — are for and about YOU! And we want to know what you are thinking about our community, our programs and YOUR future. Call or email our Tribal Youth Project staff if you have ideas about activites you would like to be involved in.
Send your email to Katie O'Connor or Lena Iyatunguk. They can also be reached at 907-443-9100.

Outdoors Club is here!
Do you like to be outside? Do you like to fishing the summer and the winter? Do you like to pick greens or berries? If these sort of activities sound interesting to you, come join us in our Outdoor Club Program!
Contact Katie O'Connor or Lena Iyatunguk for more information at 907-443-9100.

Youth Culture Camp
NEC in coordination with Tom Gray of Alaskan Northwest Adventures has hosted the annual Youth Culture Camp on July 5-9, 2010. The camp is FREE to children ages 12-18.
For more information about the 2011 Youth Culture Camp send your email to Lena Iyatunguk or call 907-443-9100.

Connect With Us
Fill out our survey and tell us what you think! To be informed about upcoming NEC events, fill out your contact info at the end of the survey and we will text or e-mail you about our upcoming events.
Take the survey now.

We are on Myspace
Nome Eskimo Community created a website. Check it daily for up-to-date information on events and activities. If you would like to become a friend of NEC, just add us and you will get the bulletins and possibly connect with new friends. Get your parents involved to enjoy the benefits of all that NEC has to offer. Please follow the rules stated in our Youth Fourm. You can add pictures and comments upon approval to share with all your friends.
Check out NEC on Myspace.

You Have a Voice
We have created an online forum to help bring our youth and community together.
Take a look and register to the Nome Eskimo Community Youth Forum.

Nome Eskimo Community | Phone 907.443.2246